House Coat of Arms of the Royal Family of Karadjordjevic (Karageorgevich) of Serbia and Yugoslavia


Performing my duties as the heraldic artist to the Royal House of Karadjordjevic I worked on the new emblazonment of the house coat of arms of the Royal Family of Karadjordjevic during December 2011 and January 2012. The Herald of the House, Mr Dragomir Acovic, graciously gave me initial advice and his detailed reconstruction study of the Order of Saint Prince Lazar done in 1982, and then granted me full autonomy in execution of this work. The emblazonment was approved by the Head of the House, HRH Aleksandar II by the end of January, and was officially used for the first time on 14th February 2012.


This heraldic composition was first used in Serbdom in 1917 and the same blazon version was reconstituted in post-Yugoslav period.


two linear versions
two shaded colour versions
simple colour version
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Above: From the catalogue of a photograph exhibition opened by HRH Aleksandar II on 14th February 2012.