Wedding is one of very precious few occasions in modern times where it is absolutely suitable for an armiger to exhibit his/her heraldic insignia. Flying heraldry is arguably the most visible and at the same time the least obtrusive way of doing so. Somehow wearing only a pin with your coat of arms or giving your heraldic badge to the attendance simply does not suffice; on the other hand, there are far grander ways of presenting your heraldry which I found to be above my station and therefore inelegant. So, one heraldic banner of my family’s coat of arms and one people’s flag of the Republic of Serbia was a happy heraldic agreement between my future wife and me.

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two pictures to the right: Pictures of our heraldic banner and a people's flag of Serbia in the church.

Bellow: The church ceremony

Next seven pictures: atmosphere, marital crowns architecture and decorations. All smiles, really.

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To the left: appalled by the wedding invitations on the market, my wife-to-be commissioned me to make us an acceptable one for our wedding.

next four pictures: heraldic banner and a banner-bearer, Zoran Adamovic, in the churchyard.