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Велики грб Петровића

Petrovic large achievement

назад на почетну

Грб др. Ж. Петровића је урађен за Српско хералдичко друштво „Бели Орао“ почетком 2011. Блазон је осмислио г. Марко Драшковић, председник Друштва, а емблазон моја маленкост, Љубодраг Грујић, радећи према жељама армигера и упутствима председника.

Армигер је хтео једноставнији плашт у различитим бојама од главних на штиту, што је довело до интересантне и помало необичне комбинације стилова у херадичком смислу. На дну странице можете видети и моју радну варијанту композиције.

За блазон и расправу о неким интересантим блазонским питањима видите остатак текста на енглеском.

The Arms of dr Z. Petrovic was done for the Serbian Heraldry Society “White Eagle” (Serbian Society for Heraldry, Genealogy, Phaleristics and Vexillology "White Eagle") during the first quarter of 2011. Blazon by Mr Marko Draskovic, the president of SHS, emblazon by mea parvitas, Ljubodrag Grujic, according to the wishes of the armiger and guidelines of the president.


My stab at the blazon would be:

Arms:  Gules two lions rampant respectant Or holding a Jupiter’s thunderbolt Argent on a chief Or between two suns in splendour Gules an open book proper bound Gules charged on each page with one atom of three orbits Azure.

Crest: Upon helm wreathed and mantled Vert doubled Or a demi lion Or holding in its dexter hand a (voided?) cog-wheel Argent (or perhaps, for additional clarity. pierced of the field or centre voided) in the centre to a mullet Gules fimbriated Argent.

Motto: Sol lucet omnibus (Latin for: Sun shines for all)

Again, several blazon questions could be posed, which I hope will rise some interest: does a cog wheel (cogwheel) need an additional “pierced of the field” or “centre voided” or just a very elegant “a voided cogwheel Or” for further precision? After all, there are a slew of examples where the cog wheel appears with the tiniest whole in the centre or without any. Some would also remark favourably on the precise number of cogs, but that is usually blazoned if the number has some symbolic meaning.

Should there be a "rampant" attitude with the demi lion? No, it is not necessary. If not stated, every demi lion is by default rampant.

Some would also look keenly on breaking the repetition of colours in the blazon by substituting each reappearing one with the phrase “of the second”, “of the third” etc.

Is a mantle of a different colour than the principal ones in the shield (livery colours) possible? Yes, it is, but it needs to be stated in the blazon.

I also enclose a working version of the arms. The armiger wanted a very simple mantling and this was my first proposal.


Serbian Heraldry Society

Petrovic basic ach.

Insignia armorum domini Z. Petrovici. Societas Heraldica Serbica “Aquila alba” fecit hoc et confirmamus hac presenti carta domino Petrovico ius insignia armorum tenere donec sol lucet omnibus. Autem vero lucet, non omnis oculos apertos habent.