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Мали грб Петровића

Petrovic basic achievement

назад на почетну

Грб др. Ж. Петровића је урађен за Српско хералдичко друштво „Бели Орао“ почетком 2011. Блазон је осмислио г. Марко Драшковић, председник Друштва, а емблазон моја маленкост, Љубодраг Грујић, радећи према жељама армигера и упутствима председника.

The Arms of dr Z. Petrovic was done for the Serbian Heraldry Society “White Eagle” (Serbian Society for Heraldry, Genealogy, Phaleristics and Vexillology "White Eagle") during the first quarter of 2011. Blazon by Mr Marko Draskovic, the president of SHS, emblazon by mea parvitas, Ljubodrag Grujic, according to the wishes of the armiger and guidelines of the president.


My stab at the blazon would be: Gules two lions rampant respectant Or holding a Jupiter’s thunderbolt Argent on a chief Or between two suns in splendour Gules an open book proper bound Gules charged on each page with one atom of three orbits Azure.


The armiger is a futurologist.

We could engage in a lengthy discussion over the blazon and emblazon, as is almost always the case with the most complex ones. Is “the sun in splendour” always shown with a human face? Most of the modern examples do not follow this path. Are the lions respectant or combatant? Some claim those are synonymous terms, but the logic and the usage would point to the former one in this case. The lions are certainly not fighting each other here, they’re working together on a potentially hazardous task of holding a lightning, which surely takes a lot of concentration. Are they holding the lightning (thunderbolt) or supporting it, much akin to the Irish practice of supporters inside the shield? Is the thunderbolt a Jupiter’s one or just a thunderbolt? Should the wings be additionally blazoned? Are atoms sufficiently blazoned by just naming the number of orbits? My opinion is affirmative, if the electrons and the protons are not blazoned in any other way than the usual circle. Of course, no atom really exists in such a shape, the art and science of heraldry deals with symbols. Let me take this to the extreme by mentioning the Serbian favourite heraldic pastime, that of besmirching the state double headed eagle: there cannot be a double headed eagle proper, which is to say natural looking, for the simple reason that no eagle exists with two heads in nature. Back to the atom issue: how could one heraldically show electrons in a satisfactory manner that would not offend our modern scientists? The quality of quarks comprising an electron jumping from this universe to its neighbouring few every now and no then is more of a physical and metaphysical question which I gladly leave to the quantum physicists to squabble over. By the way, the answer, of course, is 42 at every given moment.


Serbian Heraldry Society

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