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Mueller / Müller

назад на почетну

Quartered 1&4 Müller: Or on a fess gules cotised gules a lion passant guardant argent armed or langued gules. 2&3 Wolpert: Azure on a chevron gules fimbriated or a lime (or linden) leaf sable

Crest Müller: A demi lion argent (facing sinister out of Germanic heraldic courtesy) crowned with a crown rayonne or, armed or, langued gules holding between its paws an ear of wheat ppr. Wolpert: Rising from a crest coronet a natural lily or with a stem bearing four lime (or linden) leaves vert between two horns gules and azure.


The direct male line of the Müller family can be traced back to the village of Schlierstadt in the Frankonian part of Baden in the year 1671 when the records of that parish stop. These quartered arms are the work of the Serbian artist Ljubodrag Grujic and mark the 340 anniversary of the first mentioning of our family. The Müllers stayed in the village as farmers and a primitive form of hereditary justices of the peace until the mid 19th century. The arms reflect the colours of the Margraves and later Grand Dukes of Baden. The lion argent can be found in the arms of the Lords of Dürrn. A lion is also on the arms of Mannheim, where the family moved in the 1860s. The lion also represent the present generation as they married into English families. Several different versions can be found. The ear of wheat is an obvious allusion to the origins of the surname Müller in the profession of miller. The Müller arms are quartered with those of the Wolperts. Like those of the Müllers the origins are obscure. Assumption is unfortunately the rule in the German speaking lands. A document that comes from the 16th century according to the state archives in Karlsruhe is the oldest example of the arms. The simplicity leaves very little room for interpretation. The Wolpert family remained without male issue and the arms were hence quartered.

Mueller basic ach.
Mueller large ach.