Peter and Mandy Linden


The blue color (heraldic Azure) and the gold metal (heraldic Or) are national colors of Sweden, which is the Lindens primary extraction. A trimount is a charge for the family Peterson (Peter meaning “rock”) being grandmother’s side to the armiger Peter Linden, also from Sweden. This trimount Azure (a blue three hills together) in this composition also resembles the waves of the sea crossed and the new land of America. From a trimount a main charge ensues, a linden tree, obviously symbolizing the Lindens and the generations of fine wood working masters in the family. The tree is further charged by an arrow argent (silver or white) with multiple symbolism: honoring the native American heritage of Peter’s mother’s family (part of), arrow also standing for the quickness and resolution of mind and progress and as an allusion to the occupation of Mandy and Peter Linden, running a small computer technical support company. White is also a color of purity, technology and dexterity, arrow facing upwards stands for betterment and advancement. Above the tree there are three Mullets or stars, standing there for Rhode Island, three being also a lucky number. Around the said composition goes “a bordure Azure”, blue being one of the USA national colors, protecting the Linden tree and family.


Completed in January 2010