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Комитет знања Србије,

 велики грб

Knowledge Committee of Serbia,

large achievement of arms

назад на почетну

The large achievement of arms of the Knowledge Committee of Serbia done for the Serbian Heraldry Society “White Eagle” (Serbian Society for Heraldry, Genealogy, Phaleristics and Vexillology "White Eagle") in February and March 2011.

The charges on the shield are symbolically indicative of knowledge and illumination and some of them double their role by also being charges on the personal armorial bearings of the founder of the Committee, Mr Petrovic, (link above and  to the left). The committee has armorial bearings, banner of arms and a heraldic badge, which is a rare and precious occurrence of practicing the rules of heraldry to the letter in this part of the world. Here is the link to the Committee’s site in English:

Serbian Heraldry Society

Petrovic large ach.

I here add the description of arms found in the committee’s statute in English, possibly a literal translation from the Serbian description. Blazoning in English requires considerable skill and, well, grace, and this is, lamentably, a far cry from even a remotely acceptable blazon, but it will be somewhat enlightening as to the arms’ contents. I'm absolutely sure no harm was intended as it is common knowledge that the proper blazon in English is nigh a language of its own and it takes years to get the hang of it.

The Association shall have its coat of arms:

Shield: a gold pillar on a red background, on which, between two red shinning suns, there is a red closed book with a golden model of the atom on the front cover; left and right of the pillar there is one each a golden horizontal and outward facing Gothic key, with a rhomboid holder in the corners of which there is one golden steel.

Plume: three silver eagle feathers, each of which has the Roman numeral X written in black on it.

Cape: red, with a silver lining.

The Association has its own badge: the model of the atom, blue electron pathways, which instead of a nucleus has a red steel.

The Association has its standard: the contents are the same as the shield from the coat of arms of the Association.

I shall restrain from any comments to this translation as none would be favourable.

However, "mystifying symbols" in the crest deserve some laudation, as it is all actually quite simple. Three silver eagle feathers with a Roman numeral X, or should I say ”three eagle feathers Argent each charged with a Roman numeral X Sable” are an allusion to the Serbian eagle, of course (the official blazon for the one true Serbian state eagle is that it is Argent) and to the fact that the committee was founded on the 10th of October 2010, which is somewhat peculiar as a heraldic solution, but I find it refreshing and commendable for continental heraldry. We all know that "X marks the spot" for the treasure and riches, and what greater riches than knowledge can one have?

My first version included three eagle feathers depicted in the usual heraldic way, which is to say that the dexter and sinister feathers were somewhat askew, admittedly that being usually done to the ostrich feathers that are far more prominent in the crests. I was then kindly asked to keep all the feathers erect, which I did. As with almost any emblazon, this could give rise to several interesting and mind-boggling heraldic quandaries, namely, should such a placement be additionally blazoned and how? Should it be specified that the feathers are “in fess”, and “erect” and, perhaps, “conjoined”? Mercifully, I didn’t have to blazon the crest but I would, as always, welcome any thoughts one might have on the "matters blazonical".

Knowledge Committee of Serbia
basic achievement

An interesting version of the arms came to my attention. Here we can see a coat of arms devoid of any black border lines between the main components of the arms. Although it certainly makes things appear more naturally and is not without some charm, I must point out that heraldry treats those border lines quite differently than modern design and that this approach is not recommendable at all for an official version. There are ways in heraldry to “soften” the picture from all those stark black lines, should one wish it (see the link to the basic achievement or the link to the banner). Dura lex, sed lex.

banner of arms