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Комитет знања Србије,

 мали грб

Knowledge Committee of Serbia,

basic achievement of arms

назад на почетну
The basic achievement of arms (i.e. shield) of the Knowledge Committee of Serbia done for the Serbian Heraldry Society “White Eagle” (Serbian Society for Heraldry, Genealogy, Phaleristics and Vexillology "White Eagle") in February and March 2011.

The charges on the shield are symbolically indicative of knowledge and illumination and some of them double their role by also being charges on the personal armorial bearings of the founder of the Committee, Mr Petrovic, (link above and  to the left). The committee has armorial bearings, banner of arms and a heraldic badge. Here is the link to the Committee’s site in English:

Serbian Heraldry Society

Petrovic large ach.
Knowledge Committee of Serbia

I have done several shield versions, i.e. emblazons.

I exhibit here one of my favourites, which confirms to the same blazon as the official version does. I believe this version possesses certain softness and balance in appearance.  In every heraldic commission I try to follow the wishes of the armiger as much as heraldically admissible without breaking the complex rules of heraldry (thus the official version) and, which is equally important, heraldic style(s). I cannot stress enough how much caution is required when designing an armorial achievement: the rules of heraldry can be mastered in time, of course, but the feel of the possible heraldic styles is a different affair altogether. Since heraldry has been around for some nine centuries all around a wider Old World circle, it is no surprise it has a set of its own styles, different to each other and exceedingly different to modern day design. The design styles are a fleeting flickering fad (have you seen your pictures from 10-20 years ago?), but heraldry spans it all and outlasts it all.

large achievement
banner of arms