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Комитет знања Србије,


Knowledge Committee of Serbia,


назад на почетну

The heraldic badge of the Knowledge Committee of Serbia done for the Serbian Heraldry Society “White Eagle” (Serbian Society for Heraldry, Genealogy, Phaleristics and Vexillology "White Eagle") in February and March 2011. I found the idea quite charming and befitting.

Let us now address some blazon questions for this badge, as has become almost customary on this site.

Are atoms sufficiently blazoned by just naming the number of orbits? My opinion is affirmative, if the electrons and the protons are not blazoned in any other way than the usual circle (roundel, to be more precise). Here, the firesteel (or more confusingly, a fusil, since it can mean another thing in heraldry as well) is separately blazoned. Of course, no atom really exists in such a shape, the art and science of heraldry deals with symbols. If you have some other way of depicting an atom that would be instantaneously recognizable, please do not hesitate to write to me, I would acknowledge every contribution here.

Once again I am uncertain about the precise blazon of the badge as it was not part of my work for this particular commission. As a heraldist, I simply cannot but tackle it (we're funny that way, it's a challenge, you see), and my own attempt, for the sake of the estimable visitors to my humble site, would be: an atom of three orbits and as much electrons Azure and for a nucleus a firesteel fesswise the striking edge downwards Gules.  This could be seen as too precise: some could say that the orbits automatically represent electrons (that is quite logical) and some would want to additionally represent the shape of those electrons as "roundels". Some, on the other hand, would engage in a lengthy debate what a striking edge for a firesteel is, and those cannot be helped in any democratic way. Some would spend their entire life proving that firesteels are a sign of Byzantine occupation of Serbia, which is such a deplorable waste of energy and intellect that good taste prohibits any further polite comment.

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